Our History


Our iGaming journey started in 2005. 14 years later we have the experience of working with 6 different industry leaders, supported 5 due diligence processes from the seller’s side, managed 3 acquisitions and integrations, 4 ERP-Migrations, 2 accounting outsourcing projects, 1 team re-location and an IPO.

 Now, that’s a lot of numbers and a lot of projects. Good! We love numbers and projects.

We have been in charge of full-service ongoing finance functions covering accounting, statutory, internal and regulatory reporting, not to mention countless projects around product launches and regulatory licensing.

The combination of responsibilities for project management and ongoing operations has given us experience in how to structure a finance department in the most efficient way, tailored for the fast-paced iGaming industry. We’re now packaging all this large-corp experience into an all-inclusive finance solution accessible to smaller business in the industry




Jasmine Marky

Jasmine has extensive experience in leading and transforming financial organisations spanning for more than a decade. Jasmine has relocated an entire finance team from Ireland to Malta, and on-boarded as much as forty legal entities to an existing team, enabled solely by re-engineering processes and routines. Jasmine is a strong leader and her empowerment skills are what made her so successful in managing large teams within the industry's largest companies.


Sebastian Hjorth

Sebastian's key strengths lie within analysing revenue streams and iGaming products. Sebastian has developed automated billing processes for some industry giants, and can also boast of having successfully pitched financial processes to the New Jersey gambling division. Also worth mentioning are the countless financial requirements written for new product innovations. 


Vanessa Camilleri

Over a decade ago, Vanessa joined the iGaming industry as a Malta-based Finance Manager for one of the leading casino aggregators.  The start of her iGaming experience was immediately characterised by multiple financial and regulatory responsibilities. In addition to being responsible for internal and external financial reporting, Vanessa has run multiple projects with local auditors, bankers, lawyers and tax authorities. Being a strong communicator, Vanessa can support organizations worldwide in the smoothest fashion. Rest assured that Vanessa is able to see to your local filing requirements in Malta.



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